Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Jason's Latest Project

I just wanted to update everyone on Jason's latest household project. He is replacing the banister between the kitchen and living room, as well as adding some new wiring and lighting to our living room. To do this we have had to move all our furniture into the middle of the room so Jason could cut out about a one foot strip of sheetrock all the way around the room. Cami and I spend a lot of our time in the living room, and it has been a bit of a challenge to keep Cami corralled and and out of the construction zone while she is playing. :) It will be worth it, though. We are getting some new sconces to add more light and putting in some network and cable jacks in usable places. :) I'll post some more pictures when our project is complete, which should be in the next few weeks. Keep your fingers crossed!

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Rowen said...

Hi Kelly! I love blogs so I am thrilled you have one. We have one too...http://ericandlizavolk.blogspot.com/. It was nice to see you last Friday. I am going to try to make it again this Friday so maybe we will see you and Cami :).